About Us



Bee City Mobile is centrally located in the heart of Orlando’s booming tech industry. We cater to every business type in the Orlando area and beyond.

Our clients belong to various sectors of the local Orlando business district. This includes lawyers, insurance companies, salons, construction companies, restaurants and real estate companies.

Our clients expect and get high quality service from our elite team of professionals. Agents are always on standby to assist you by telephone, email, Live Chat or text messaging.

The Bee City Mobile’s team is made up of experienced sales agents, programmers and designers who work closely with every client to get a comprehensive understanding of their business needs.  We take this information and create a state-of-the-art website for the client.  Our aim is to ensures that your website is the perfect visual representation of your business.

At the heart of our website designs is accessibility via any mobile platforms.  Every website we design is a responsive site.  Therefore, no matter what platform your visitor is using to access your website, they will be able to see the contents perfectly sized on their display device. If the customer is using their iPhone, iPad or Android device to access the site, they will not have to zoom in and out to make the text readable.  The text and images will automatically adjust to your visitor’s display.

Every client is precious to us.  Your brand ambition becomes OUR brand ambition.  We will design your website so that it will begin to attract your target audience from day one.

Start the design of your site today by setting up an appointment for a free consultation.