1) Why should I have a Mobile-Friendly Site?

With the advent of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, people are no longer chained to their home computers.  Research shows that half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices.  Your visitors are accessing your website while they are waiting in the grocery store line, while enduring a long commute to and from work, while their doctor keeps them waiting in their office and even while watching boring movie previews in movie theaters.

If your page cannot load fast enough on their smart devices, your potential clients will surf away in frustration while making a note to never come back to it.  Also, smart devices are notoriously small.  If your page makes use of large fonts to accommodate the big screens of a desktop, but, not to accommodate the small screens of an android phone, your customer will have to scroll for 10 minutes just to read one paragraph.  We design mobile friendly sites such that the font sizes and images will automatically adjust according to the screen size.  When your customer doesn’t have to pinch to zoom in and out on their devices, you will have a customer for life!

2)  What if I don’t have an existing website, can you still design one for me?

Absolutely!  You are our favorite kind of customers because you can give us the specifics of how you want your site designed.  Our team will sit down with you and understand every aspect of your business.  They will, then, take everything about your company and design your website precisely to your liking.  The best part is that our rates will not break your bank account unlike some other companies.  Click here to see our very affordable rates.

3)  I don’t like my existing website and want to fix it before I mobilize it.  Can you help me with it?

We will be happy to work with your existing designer to fix your page before converting it to a mobile page.  If your designer is not available, we will make the changes on your page for you.  Once you provide us with the access information, we will implement the changes for you.  Contact us for the pricing information on this type of project.

4)  What do I get for paying the setup fee?

Rest assured, your setup fee is put to very good use.  The non-refundable setup fee will go towards designing your custom buttons and artwork for your web page.  To ensure that your page is unique to your company, we always create custom colors, buttons, background, layout design and various other aspects of your page.

5)  After a page is designed, there is nothing left to do.  So, why is there a monthly fee?

We use servers to host your website which means consistent maintenance and upkeep.  Additionally, monthly fees are also for your benefit. No website is ever fully complete.  There will always be pictures that need to be added, removed, updated, etc.  There will always be sentences an paragraphs that need to be added or removed.  New products come into inventory while old products are taken out.  Other companies will charge you exorbitant fees when you want to make this simple changes.  With our monthly plan, you don’t have to worry about being bilked for minuscule changes. The monthly fee buys you peace of mind.

6)  How do I make payments?

All payments are made through our website.  Once you add the plan you want, proceed to checkout and make your first payment there.  After that, your credit card will be billed monthly in the amount of the plan you signed up for.  All the transactions are done online for your security.  Agents will not collect funds from you.

7)  Do you provide support after the website is complete?

Our elite team is here to serve you before, during and after your website has been designed.  In fact, they are paid to sit by the phone and be on social media ready to assist you in any way.  We are available to communicate to you through every modern methods of communication.  From Email and phone support to Social Media and Live Chat, we are never more than a text message away from you. Click here to contact us today.

8)  Can you design my company’s logo?

Yes, we can deign simple or complex logos for your business.  At Bee City Mobile, we understand the importance of branding and therefore, we can help design what your brand logo should look like.  Our logos will not loose their detail when increased or decreased the size.  Contact us for our rates.

9)  Do you have any ongoing specials?

We are always running various specials, especially on the setup fee.  If you follow us on any of our social media accounts, you will receive valuable offers from us frequently.

10)  Can we get a free consultation on the type of website you can design for our business?

Absolutely! We are always ready to meet with you at your business for a free consultation. You can show us some of the products or services that you would like to show on your webpage. Also, give us a general sense of what your business is all about.  The designers will then take your ideas and give you a mock-up of what your site will look like. We will value your input in what the design should look like.

11) Do you have a portfolio you can show me?  I would love to see what you have designed for other companies

Yes, we are happy to show off our work. We will have a link on our site, very soon.  It will display all the sites we have designed in the past.  Our designers are hard at work, right now, customizing our portfolio page.  Soon, we will have an impressive list of sites to present to you.  In the meantime you can see what we did for Jaipur Cuisine and National Insurance Specialist.

12) How do I know if visitors are coming to view my site?

At the end of every month, we provide a complete analytic report for your website.  It will show you all the traffic details including how many people visited your site, how many were on mobile device and how many clicked on the click-to-call button. This is a very comprehensive report and it will prove beneficial to your business.  Click here to see a sample of the Analytics Report.

13) Do you offer a money back guarantee?

At Bee City Mobile, our team works hard to get visitors to your website.  If you don’t get an increase in traffic during those 4 months, we will refund you the monthly fees you have paid in that time.  Please note that the setup fee is non-refundable.

14)  Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you are free to cancel anytime after 6 months from the day your website went live.  Once you have cancelled your plan with us, we will put your website in an offline mode.  If you choose to come back within 90 days of the cancellation, we will (delightfully) restart your website as if the last 3 months never happened.  After 90 days, we will (sadly) delete your website and contents. However, we will always keep our doors open for you and have a warm cup of coffee waiting.